Excelroc has solid team expertise:

Harold Blackburn

  • Graduated Drilling-Blasting vocational training (1988);
  • 26 years of experience in blasting;
  • Chief vocational Drilling-Blasting instructor (2005-2012);
  • International experience;
  • “Using Explosives in Mining Exploration” instructor;
  • Author of the reference drilling and blasting safety manual “Little Blackburn”.
  • Expert Witness for Hydro-Québec;
  • Co-author of the textbook “DEP Drilling Blasting”
  • Co-application designer “Blast-Off Formula”;
  • Drilling and blasting specialist for the CCQ, the CSST, Hydro-Québec, the Public Safety and Education Minister;
  • Instructor for the “Blaster in Mining Exploration” course;
  • Drilling-blasting instructor for Hydro-Québec engineers, health and safety consultants, quality control inspectors and for the contractors involved in the projects;
  • Reference blaster CCQ;
  • Expert drilling-blasting SEBJ Eastmain and Rupert 1a and for Hydro-Québec projects Romaine 2 and 3;
  • Quality control inspector in drilling-blasting for Manitoba Hydro.

Gilles Laroche

  • Graduated in Drilling-Blasting in 2008;
  • Experience in drilling and blasting (Mines, quarries and urban);
  • Drilling-blasting instructor since 2008 (French and English for the Cris de la Baie James);
  • International experience;
  • Co-author of the textbook “DEP Drilling-blasting”;
  • Co-designer of the application “Blast-Off formula”;
  • Quality Control Inspector (drilling and blasting) Hydro-Québec and Manitoba Hydro.